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Robin Kirsten

My work combines museology, studio practice and performance.

In sculpture I mostly collect objects and place them into specific relations to each other, often using museum and visual merchandising display strategies to represent the narrative or references in the work. These narratives are often to do with my interest in the museum as a space of embodied experiences, which I use to consider questions about the mind, the structure of reality, infinite space and magical possibilites – as in quantum physics.

Often my studio features, particularly in my photographic self-potraits, as a space synonymous with thinking, philosophising and reinvention. In my PhD I took L'Atelier Brancusi in Paris, as an example of a type of space that operates as an artist's studio, a museum, and a potential model of the universe, depending on how you think about it. I frame it as a machine for knowing in.

Generally my work riffs off that research, which I am now exploring in a combined way, layering dance, artist film and sculptural installation, as a way to bring a different audience into my work, so that my ideas about embodied knowledge can be tested and explored.

August 2020


2016 – 2020

PhD, Royal College of Art, London

2005 – 2007

MFA Fine Art Studio Practice, Goldsmiths College, London

2002 – 2005

BA History of Art and Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, London




AHRC, Doctoral Scholarship Award


British Council/Arts Council England Artists International Development Fund


AHRC Professional Development Award


Southwark Council Artist Production Award


Arts Council England Research and Development Award



Studies for a Museum, Cape Town (solo)


Daybreak, Safe House, London


Give Me Your Energy, LOCAL Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago, Chile (solo)


Creekside Open, London

Robo con Fractura, Local Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago, Chile


John Moores Painting Prize, Liverpool

Glue Gun, Vitrine Gallery, Hospital, London


Tag: From 3 to 45. New London Painting, Brown Gallery, London

il alla a’ lai de l’ail, Crimes Town, London
The Milkplus Bar, Josh Lilley, London


The Prada Cycle, Gallery Klerkx, Milan (solo)

3 Painters, Gallery Klerkx, Milan


About, AutoItalia, London
Fire Red Gas Blue Ghost Green, Sassoon Gallery, London

Twilight of the Idols, Zinger Presents, Amsterdam (solo)


Big Rock Candy Mountain, FormContent, London (solo)

Truck Art @ ART:CONCEPT, Paris
Republic, L’Est, London


Lobby, One Moorhouse, London
Rag and Bone,Three Colts Gallery, London
On Fear and Reason, Haptic @ La Maison Rouge, Paris (solo)

Shaking Smooth Spaces, Le Generale, Paris


4th Hull International Short Film Festival, UK

Truck Art, Prague Biennale 2, Czech Republic


Shimrisham International Artist Film Festival, Sweden

Mälmo Festival, Sweden

Brick Lane Festival, London
2nd Elefest Film Festival, London
Corsica Studios, NEON/Shortwave Film Showcase, London


Fuck Your War, Hôtel Bellville, London
It’s Just Whatever Cause I’m Trying To Be Clever, Hôtel Bellville, London (solo)

Kingdom, Austellingsraume 13, Hamburg (solo)
Switchspace Fundraiser, Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow

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