In Studies for a Museum, I presented studies for three hypothetical museums: Study for a Museum of Opening Doors, Study for a Museum of Multiple Vectors and Study for a Museum of Quantum Objects.These studies are based on his research into the relations between the museum as an artistic medium, the role of the collector, and the artist’s studio as a site of the production of meaning, and insight, into the nature of reality, the universe and being.

These broad subject areas are read through Renzo Piano’s L’Atelier Brancusi, Paris; the Russian Cosmist, Nikolai Federov, whose 1906 essay, The Museum, It’s Meaning and Mission, reconfigures the museum as a site for the resurrection and emancipation of ancestors; and the philosophical concept of the monad – an atomistic construct that Leibniz and Pythagoras propose forms the base unit, or building block, of man, the world, the universe, and everything in it.

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